About Us

Tangled Web Productions, Inc. was founded in 1995 as a provider of custom personals services and content for the Alternative Community. Over the years, it has expanded its service offerings and client base to encompass a broad range of communities and holdings.

Tangled Web’s premiere service is a highly customized personals search system, that incorporates cutting edge features and management tools. Our service base is constantly evolving to provide our communities with the most advanced services available.

Chief Executive Officer – Jon Fishman
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jon Fishman has lead Tangled Web Productions, Inc with vision and helped not only define new markets, but to enhance existing markets.

Chief Technology Officer – Daniel Saint James
Daniel Saint James began his career with Tangled Web Productions, Inc. as a Senior Consultant in 1998. Over the years, his hard work and foresight have enabled TWPI to grow exponentially. In August of 2003, Tangled Web Productions was happy to announce his new role as CTO.


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