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Blast From the Past


Back in the late 90′s, I still spent a lot of time with my various hobbies. One of these was 3D modeling and animation. I used to spend hours designing textures, shapes, polygon deformations, and then ten times as much time waiting on models to render.

I was all right, not great, but good for a amateur.

Then in Nine-teen Ninety-Eight, I got a call from a company in Hollywood (who’s name I won’t drop) based on my third submitted portfolio in as many years.

Anxiously, I flew out to California, interviewed for about six hours, at the end of which, they offered me a position.

At about half what I was currently making as a systems engineer.

Thus ended my dream to be a computer animator in Hollywood.

Offshore Recruiters

Back in 2005, the Information Technology industry in the United States began offshoring software development at a rapid pace. Suddenly there was a booming IT industry in India, but a floundering one in North America.

It was a grand experiment… that failed.

As project lead times spiraled into months, Quality Assurance became almost non-existent.

It’s turns out that all the money companies thought they would save wasn’t worth the low quality of products they were getting. You really do get what you paid for.

One interesting side effect is that I’ve started getting contacted by recruiters in India. Mind you, they always claim that they are in New Jersey, Chicago or California, but the telephone connections are flaky and the accents often incomprehensible.

I have nothing against companies trying to make money, but I find it ironic that they are trying to profit from the IT jobs they are losing. It’s pragmatic if nothing else.

I do however tell them all the same thing. Thank you for your interest, but I only work with companies that maintain a physical presence in Columbus Ohio (where I live).